About US

Kayra is the brand with a tradition within the leading group, having started the extrusion of upvc windows and upvc doors. Kayra is manufacturing products that meet the highest requirements. Kayra offers a large number of window systems. So, every design wish can be fulfilled with different frame and sash heights and depths, double-sash elements without fixed centre post, transom/mullion combinations, real Georgian bars etc.

Proficiency, structure, work, physical properties, the ecological security and dependable treatment of crude material assets meet the most elevated prerequisites and consolidate flawlessly with the skill of the window makers to everybody's advantages.

With the Kayra brand, we face the difficulties of things to come with certainty, trustworthiness and straightforwardness. Thus, we can demonstrate our administration position in the window profile area consistently.

Features of KAYRA


Kayra's UPVC windows and entryways are fireproof and doesn't bolster fire ignition on account of fire mishaps in distinction with the timber entryways and windows..


Our doors and windows system prevent heat loss due to multichambered sections and enable customers to save electricity bill.


Kayra's uPVC windows and entryways Protect your family, and your assets, by introducing secure windows what's more, entryways. The steel center of our uPVC entryways and windows are a lot harder to harm, and make them extra versatile to compel passage.


uPVC windows and entryways are Ideal for tall structures, particularly in beach front regions, which are presented to solid breezes, overwhelming downpours and salty climate conditions.


uPVC windows have better UV obstruction much under the cruel Indian climate conditions. The content in the crude material adds to the obstruction productivity of the profiles and gives shading steadiness to the item to make it look new considerably following quite a while of utilization..


Our UPVC windows are so much easier to clean as per traditional wooden or aluminium windows and they are resistant to the worst form of weather. They do not rot, warp or corrode and are 100% termite proof.