KAYRA is a leading manufacturer specializing in production and installation of UPVC windows for residential and commercial requirements. Expertise in design, manufacturing and delivery of products with exceptional quality. We are a group working towards applying innovative solutions with special profiles, hardware and glasses for varied needs. Kayra's Efficiency, design, function, physical properties, the environmental protection and responsible handling of raw material resources meet the highest requirements and combinve perfectly with the know-how of the window profile manufacturers to everyone’s benefits. Kayra offers a large number of window systems based on the requirements and pre order. So, every design wish can be fulfilled with different frame and sash heights and depths, double-sash elements without fixed centre post, transom / mullion combinations, real european bars etc.

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We have added new features to Kayra Products. Our unique and prestigious upvc sliding windows contains at least two than two flat scarves that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth side-ward track development. Simple to work, these windows offer all encompassing perspectives and a lot of ventilation including fire safety Sheltered, secure and agreeable Windows and entryways are basic in any structure, yet we frequently introduce wasteful windows and entryways which makes the home awkward. The answer for this is to introduce windows and doors that permit light into the home, however keep you agreeable, independent of the climate conditions outside. You would have found out about numerous advantages of upVC Windows and Doors as its been in the nation for over 2 decades however have gotten increasingly well known in the previous 5 to 6 years.

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The sliding uPVC doors involve at least two edges that can slide on a level plane, to one side or right on tracks. The doors are smooth to work since they are somewhat raised over the track. This additionally keeps the residue from settling in the track. uPVC Sliding entryways are an ideal fit on the off chance that you are hoping to make your space look sufficiently bright and open.

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Premium Aluminium Windows

Premium Aluminium Windows, the latest product offering from Kayra, is where beauty and engineering come together seamlessly. Strength and durability meet gorgeous Italian design, great finishes and vivid color schemes. And world-class quality meets the best in class fabricators to give you windows that are really worth the view.

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