UPVC Combination Windows

upvc combination windows kayra chennai

Windows with excellent look and more ventilation

A UPVC Combination Windows equipped with removable or interchangeable screen and glass sections that make it suitable for either summer or winter use. UPVC Combination Windows is combination of casement, sliding, and fixed window or two windows of same or different types. These can be made available in a variety of sizes and designs as per your need.A wide variety of design and combination possibilities for your every specific need are available with our expert guidance. Eureka UPVC Combination windows give your home a complete transformation in looks and in style. Combination windows are steel reinforced for added strength.Combination windows allow light and fresh air along with proper ventilation.

  • Permits light and air with appropriate ventilation
  • Can be with any shape, style or size
  • Planned essentially for progressively normal lighting and vitality effectiveness
  • Steel strengthened casings make the windows solid
  • Gives Protection against creepy crawlies
  • Storm bar to withstand fast breezes
  • Downpour track and ledge course of action to protect against downpours
  • Magnificent look and long last sturdiness
  • Water/air proof seals to keep out commotion, residue, warmth and contamination